Patient and Provider Payment Portals

Early Payments.

Less Work.

Provider accepting online patient payments; Payment Portal

Earlier Payments

21 days faster compared to traditional patient payment methods. Read Case Study

Increase Revenue

37% more outstanding payment balances collected. Learn More

Less Work

37 minutes staff time savings per patient.  

Learn How

Greater Savings

25% cost savings on patient payment management. See More Benefits

The faster these questions are answered... the more you get paid!

What do I owe?

Clarify the amount patients owe by verifying eligibility, copays, and deductibles - in seconds.

Notify patients of their balances and receive payments in-full 14 days earlier than mailed statements.

Why do I

owe it?

Provide patients with easy access to all of their statements on one page, and at the same time reduce your statement expenses. 

How do I pay?

Collect patient payments online through an easy, intuitive payment portal that allows your patients to see up-to-the-minute balances and statements. 

Collect payments in the office or by phone from any computer, automatically post payments, and send email receipts.

Receive early and full payments from patients

through a seamless and fully managed lending solution.

Reduce your office paperwork and follow-up activity on recurring payments. 

What if I overpay?

Process fast refunds that are connected to the original payment for easy refunding and clear audit trails.  

Who can I call?

ePAY answers your patients' questions to save time for your staff.  Customer Service is available M-F 7:00am to 7:00pm CST.  1-888-700-9676

Set up is easy.  Begin using ePAY Healthcare's services today.