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ePAY Healthcare is a healthcare payments company with expertise dating back more than 20 years.


With products designed explicitly for the healthcare space, ePAY Healthcare is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of healthcare providers.  Specifically, our products address complexities such as HIPAA compliance and ability to pay on multiple accounts.  Unlike traditional payment processing methods, ePAY Healthcare’s solutions save time and are designed to fit within your practice in a way that makes your life easier.


Our products address every point of the payment process from the very first eligibility verification, to in-office payments and fully managed payment plans, all the way to easy online self-service at home.  Everything we do is designed to facilitate faster payments to you!


Our success with helping providers collect payments earlier in the process results from unique services that deliver a clear picture of what the patient owes and offers multiple ways to pay.  Whether being accessed by your staff or your patients directly, the simple and secure online portal reduces the ambiguity patients encounter with paper statements.  This leads to faster payments. Faster payments result in fewer phone calls, reduced billing and collection costs, fewer write-offs, and improved patient satisfaction.


With offices located throughout the United States and 24 hour support, we are available to help you wherever and whenever you need.

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