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ePAY Healthcare Partners with Allegro Credit to Deliver Patient Payment Plans to Improve Healthcare Provider Revenues  


Lafayette, California (PRWEB) July 11, 2016 -- ePAY Healthcare's strategy to build the healthcare industry’s most advanced end-to-end patient financial solution achieved another important milestone today. The company announced a long-term strategic partnership with Allegro Credit, whose patient-friendly healthcare financing provides patients with easy access to affordable monthly patient payment plans.


The two companies’ combined capabilities are expected to deliver an industry-leading platform to help patients afford their portion of payment for the care they need.


The combined patient payment and patient financing solution will benefit from ePAY’s sophisticated predictive analytics, allowing providers to design patient financial plans that are as personal as their clinical care plans. When it’s difficult for patients to prepay for their care, or to pay using existing financial resources, access to Allegro Credit financing makes it possible for patients to affordably seek the care they need, improving the patient experience.


“Patients have never borne the kind of personal financial burdens they face today”, said ePAY’s CEO Kevin Fleming. “By partnering with Allegro Credit, ePAY Healthcare is able to offer providers the industry’s finest patient financing solution.”


Because a large percentage of patient-owed balances are attributable to limited payment options, ePAY has developed a unique menu of three payment options, each with features and benefits suited to the patient’s financial condition.


“Affordable payments lead to dramatically better experiences for patients and superior financial results for hospitals.” stated Allegro’s President David Parsons. “By partnering with ePAY, Allegro Credit is making our proven platform part of a revolution in the patient payment realm.”

Through its holistic approach to patient financial planning, ePAY’s solution now affects every phase in the patient’s financial experience.


“It used to be that the patient’s care experience began when the diagnosis was made and treatment began. It ended when treatment was completed. That’s not true anymore”, claimed ePAY Chairman and Founder, Dan Peterson.


“Today, too many patients struggle with how to pay for the care they need. For these people, the care experience begins when they’re figuring out how to pay, and it doesn’t end until their obligation is met. For these patients, access to affordable financing is crucial to their overall care experience.”


ePAY chose Allegro Credit to serve as the patient financing partner in its end-to-end solution because of the company’s well earned reputation for serving borrowers. “Patients and their families have enough on their minds”, stated Mr. Parsons. “Our company has always treated borrowers with the respect and courtesy they deserve. It’s the same kind of people-first philosophy that drives ePAY, which is why we’re all so excited about this partnership.”

Providers who are interested in knowing more about improving patients’ experiences and revenues through ePAY Healthcare’s end-to-end patient financial planning solution should contact ePAY.


About ePAY Healthcare
By empowering healthcare providers to treat a patient’s payment experience with the same level of care they devote to the patient’s clinical experience, ePAY Healthcare Turns Patient Responsibility into Lasting Loyalty. Based in Lafayette, California, ePAY Healthcare serves healthcare providers across the U.S.


About Allegro Credit
Providing consumer credit for more than 145 years, Allegro Credit has distinguished its financing solutions with straight-forward terms and great customer service. Operating from its offices is San Bruno, California, Allegro’s onshore patient service representatives consistently earn the industry’s highest marks for service and satisfaction.