Credit Card Swipers to Process Office Payments

Q:  What is a credit card swiper – why would I need it? 


  • The swiper connects to a computer through USB port; they are simple and very easy to use

  • They are inexpensive ($60 per card reader) and can be purchased for all points of service

  • Since they work through a computer, you would not have the additional expense of a telephone line

  • Our card readers will reduce your workload by processing all transactions in one system

  • By using our swipers, all of the reconciliation work is performed for you

  • Swipers offer increased security and eliminate manual entry of information

  • Less work, easier reporting, and better security!


Q:  How do I request a swiper? 


To order credit card swipers for your ePAY system, please contact ePAY Support at


Q:  How do I install a swiper?

Once you receive the credit card swipers, please contact ePAY Support so we can walk you through the very simple installation process. Or, you can follow the instructions below:


  • Open up Internet Explorer

  • Click on TOOLS (it might be an icon that looks like a little wheel)

  • Then Internet Options

  • Then the 2nd tab, SECURITY

  • Click the green check mark that says, “Trusted Sites”

  • Then the little box that says, “SITES”

  • Under “Add this website to the zone:” type in

  • Then click ADD

  • You will see the URL you just typed drop down into the Websites box

  • Then close

  • Open ePAY and try to swipe the card when the cursor is in the Credit Card field.

  • You will need to enter the last 4 digits of the card to verify.

  • If this doesn’t work, please try to log off/ log back into ePAY.