Earlier Payments

21 days faster compared to traditional patient payment methods. Read Case Study

Increase Revenue

37% more outstanding payment balances collected. Learn More

Less Work

37 minutes staff time savings per patient.  

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Greater Savings

25% cost savings on patient payment management. See More Benefits

Patient and Provider Payment Portals

Early Payments.

Less Work.

Provider accepting online patient payments; Payment Portal

Set up is easy.  Begin using ePAY Healthcare services today.

Collect patient payments online through an easy, intuitive payment portal that allows your patients to see up-to-minute balances and statements. 

Receive early and full payments from patients

through a seamless and fully managed lending solution.

Notify patients of their balances and receive payments in-full 14 days earlier than mailed statments.

Provide patients with easy access to all their statements on one page, and at the same time reduce you statement expenses. 

Clarify the amout patients owe by verifying eligibility, copays, and deductibles - in seconds.

Reduce your office paperwork and follow-up activity on recuring payments. 

Collect payments in the office or by phone from any computer, automatically post payments, and send email receipts.