ePAY Healthcare Rebrands, Launches Loyale, Creating a New Category in Patient Engagement, Satisfaction and Outcomes. 


Company Promises Providers Improved Financial Performance due to superior Patient Financial Experiences, Turning Patient Responsibility Into Lasting Loyalty.


ePAY Healthcare today announced that the company is launching a dramatically enhanced suite of services for the healthcare provider industry.


For patients, Loyale combines ePAY Healthcare’s established patient engagement and payment platform with technology-enabled solutions to assist with their care-related financial obligations throughout the overall care experience.


As a result, patient anxiety is reduced, patient satisfaction improves and payments begin earlier in the patient engagement cycle.


“For providers, achieving much higher levels of patient satisfaction with the financial dimension to the patient relationship is a crucial strategic priority. Research shows that higher patient satisfaction has a dramatic impact on patient payment behavior,” stated Loyale CEO, Kevin Fleming. “Providers who elevate their patients’ financial experiences not only have happier, more satisfied patients, they also have better revenues and more abundant opportunities for growth. Providers who continue with traditional patient payment techniques are facing a serious competitive disadvantage.”


The Loyale platform combines predictive analytics, personalized communication workflows and revenue cycle management to drive unprecedented financial patient engagement.


Healthcare providers seeking to improve revenues through better patient engagement while reducing the actual and reputation-related costs associated with bad debt and collections administration may choose from three different service configurations. Solutions are customized to meet the requirements of each institution.


About Loyale


Loyale raises the management of Patient Responsibility to an entirely new level.  By empowering healthcare providers to treat a patient’s payment experience with the same level of care they devote to the patient’s clinical experience, Loyale turns patient responsibility into lasting loyalty.