Loyale Announces Patient Financial Manager, Creates New Category in Patient Loyalty & Financial Excellence. 


Powerful New Technology Improves Patient Loyalty and Associated Provider Revenue Growth.


Loyale, today announced the release of several key platform enhancements to Loyale’s Patient Financial Manager solution suite. The enhancements were developed to empower healthcare providers of any size and configuration with technology to improve patient satisfaction and revenue.


Loyale was launched in August of this year, creating an entirely new industry category – patient loyalty. The company’s mission “Turning Patient Responsibility into Lasting Loyalty”, builds on the foundation of innovation and patient satisfaction established by ePAY Healthcare, a pioneer in patient engagement solutions.


“The Loyale platform was built from the ground up to give providers the competitive advantages they need”, stated Loyale CEO Kevin Fleming. “Patients are demanding financial care that is as satisfying as their clinical care. With these new enhancements, providers can now choose the performance platform that’s most ideally suited to their needs and circumstances”.


Depending on the provider’s requirements, the platform enhancements announced today make it possible to, 1) Improve patient collections through personalized proactive engagement, 2) Drive higher patient satisfaction by delivering financial care and planning that aligns with patients’ clinical care and planning and 3) Improve financial results with data-driven revenue cycle management insights.


These benefits are achieved through a comprehensive assortment of patient financial tools that include: agreement-based financial planning, digitally optimized patient payment negotiations, personalized communication workflows and predictive analytics that leverage big data to personalize patient experiences.


Built using proprietary technology, Loyale integrates with most industry practice and revenue cycle management platforms. Operating in the foreground, Loyale presents award-winning patient experiences through its online portal, where clinical and financial information can be aggregated to improve patient understanding, engagement and satisfaction.


About Loyale
By empowering healthcare providers to treat a patient’s payment experience with the same level of care they devote to the patient’s clinical experience, Loyale Turns Patient Responsibility into Lasting Loyalty. Based in Lafayette, California, Loyale serves healthcare providers across the U.S.