Get Paid Faster - The ePAY Solution 

Set up is easy.  Start today.                               

We provide a versatile solution to automatically collect payments from patients earlier, and with less work. 


Financial Assistance


▪ Seamless and fully managed lending    


▪ Facilitation of the entire loan process

   by ePAY (we make it easy!)

▪ Improve receivable days and reduce

   write offs


Balance Notification


▪ Notify patients immediately about

   their self-pay balances

▪ Instant access for patients to view      

   balances on payment portal

▪ Involvement by your staff greatly


Online Statements


▪ Easy access to all statements in one place

Patients view balances and statements in      real-time

▪ Downloading statements is fast and easy

▪ Track the date, time and frequency

   patients view their statements

▪ Greatly reduce statement production and

   mailing costs

Online Payments


▪ Transition more than 50% of your

   patients online 

▪ Patients view balances and

   statements  in real-time

▪ Accept credit card, debit card and ACH

▪ Reduce patient phone calls by 35-45%

▪ 15 to 50 fewer receivable days

Office Payments


▪ Process credit cards and checks


▪ Process payments through one system

▪ Automatic recording and posting to

   patient accounts

Payment Plans


▪ We create payment plans according

   to your policies

▪ Reduce workload from ePAY

   processing payments and

   communicating regularly with patients

▪ Realize immediate success and

   savings without paperwork or follow up

Patient Eligibility


▪ Check insurance in seconds

▪ Retrieive eligibility, copays and deductibles 

▪ Process early payments instantly 

▪ Automate recurring payments easily