Customer Testimonials

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“With ePAY we are getting payments in faster because we can take payments right away – quickly, or enroll the patient into a payment plan. This is much faster than the patient filling out the back of their remittance slip with a credit card number and mailing it to us. Now we take payments right away.” 

Molly Johnson, Riverside Surgery Center



“ePAY has allowed us to streamline our operations and reduce our workload by more than 25%. We have 

eliminated entire processes, workload, and errors!”

 Tracey Erbert, In2itive Business Solutions



“With ePAY, since anyone here can process phone payments, it has reduced workload for 2 people, improved service for the patients, and helped improve our cash flow.”

Rick Myers, Polaris Surgery Center



“(With ePAY) We have increased our cash flow by 75%, and we have fewer patients going to collections than ever before. Our AR days are down to 50 – from 130. Patients find it easy to use, which means less work for us. This is great for us!

Clinda Lasater, Moab Regional Hospital



“Staff process 30% fewer payments now due to patients going online and processing the payments themselves. Before ePAY, we were taking 50% more phone calls and it took a big chunk of the staff’s time to help patients who wanted to make a payment. We used to have 3 staff assisting at the front desk, now we have reduced this to two staff."

Linda Benson, Lincoln Surgical Hospital